Disruption and Opportunity Emerging From Declining Federal IT Market, According to Deltek

(PRWEB) July 16, 2014

According to a new report from Deltek, federal IT spending will decline from $ 102 billion in FY 2014 to $ 94 billion in FY 2019 as agencies continue to streamline operations and improve the efficiency of IT programs. IT reform initiatives continue to compel agencies to maximize budgets and strengthen IT performance, which results in both reductions and investments.

Delteks new GovWin IQ report Federal IT Market, 2014-2019, provides analysis of contractor-addressable budgets across the federal Hardware, Software, IT Services, and Communications and Network Services markets helping contractors identify areas of budget growth and contraction so they can better plan and execute their business development strategies. Delteks forecast includes IT spending not reported through the Office and Management and Budget (OMB), such as the judicial and legislative branches, the intelligence community, federal organizations that are not subject to federal IT budget reporting requirements, and IT embedded in large defense systems.

IT policies related to data center optimization, strategic sourcing, shared services and cloud computing are driving some cost savings. Agencies are reprioritizing and rescoping IT programs in an effort to maximize existing budgets and set the stage for lower spending in the future. This transition to a leaner federal government and the ability to sustain it requires technologies that facilitate the consolidation, integration and standardization necessary to develop uniform IT platforms known as Common Operating Environments.

The proliferation of Common Operating Environments in many agencies is the basis of their approach to delivering enterprise IT, said Deltek Analyst Alex Rossino. Getting there requires a variety of investments and activities, from deploying standardized hardware and applications to reengineering IT networks.

This enterprise-centric perspective will result in budget declines over the long run. In order to reach this goal within existing budget boundaries, agencies will eliminate redundant investments, focus on the must-haves, favor lower cost alternatives, and utilize strategic sourcing contracts.

In the course of this transformation, evolving IT policies will have an impact on all IT market segments. Strategic sourcing and data center consolidation and optimization efforts will put downward pressure on the IT Hardware and Software markets. The IT Services segment is similarly impacted by the administrations focus on reducing service contracting, which represents the largest category of federal contracting. While not exempt from cuts, the Communications and Network Services market is sustained by growing bandwidth and mobility requirements.

Agencies will also continue to rally budget dollars around technology solutions that support mission priorities, such as cybersecurity and data analytics. Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Health IT will be critical for the Department of Defense in particular.

With or without sequestration in 2016, budget modesty has become the norm as agencies plan for the future. After experiencing sequestration in 2013, agency leaders want more control of where cuts happen, said John Slye, Deltek Analyst. This means redefining priorities and acquisition strategies to fit within new budget realities.

Contractors must continue to adjust to this reality by ensuring that they have the strategies and tactics in place to pursue growth opportunities and protect market share.

For more information on GovWin IQ and this report, visit the Federal IT Market, 2014-2019 page on GovWin.com. The report is free to subscribers of GovWins Federal Industry Analysis program. Press interviews can be arranged by contacting Lauran Cacciatori.

About GovWin IQ

Delteks GovWin IQ provides the market intelligence tools and analysis government contractors need to gain a competitive advantage and be a formidable player in the federal market. Backed by a team of government research and analysis experts, GovWin IQ provides the most powerful, comprehensive, and timely lead generation and business intelligence solutions available. More than $ 1.8 trillion opportunities are tracked every year a number no other competitor can match. http://www.govwin.com

About Deltek

Deltek is the leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for professional services firms and government contractors. For decades, we have delivered actionable insight that empowers our customers to unlock their business potential. 18,000 organizations and 2 million users in over 80 countries around the world rely on Deltek to research and identify opportunities, win new business, optimize resources, streamline operations, and deliver more profitable projects. Deltek Know more. Do more.

Connertons Fifth-of-July Celebration a Grand Success

Land O’Lakes, FL (PRWEB) July 16, 2014

Pasco Countys Connerton community treated 700 residents, friends and neighbors to an extended holiday celebration with a July Fifth Big Event, an old-fashioned neighborhood party in its new town community. From 5 till 9 p.m., guests enjoyed live music by the popular band Cold Iron, typical summer fare from food trucks Health Freakz, Inside Scoop, American Wiener, Lizzie Cakes and BBs Moving Caf

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Dr. Kris Ford Offers Tips on Preventing Athletes Foot for Summer

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) June 27, 2014

The summer months typically see an increase of people going to the gym to work on their beach bodies, which means more people in locker rooms and public showers. Ironically, this time and setting also makes it easy for athletes foot fungus to spread. Dr. Kris Ford, DPM is sharing advice on how to prevent athletes foot this summer.

Athletes foot fungus spreads more readily in areas with moisture. This can include wet shoes, sweaty socks, showers, pools, etc. Gyms arent the place athletes foot fungus may be lingering; public pools and hotels can have this concern as well. Summer vacationers as well as gym-users should take note and prepare themselves accordingly.

The most important way to prevent athletes foot is to practice good foot hygiene. This includes keeping feet clean and dry by washing them every day, especially between the toes. Protect feet by wearing sandals or shoes in public showers and public pools.

People should always dry their feet thoroughly after swimming or bathing, and not put on socks until feet are completely dry. It is especially important in the summertime to wear shoes that allow feet to breathe. Foot perspiration can also be reduced by using talcum powder.

Those who suspect they may have athletes foot should contact Dr. Kris Ford at 210-923-9200. For more information, visit http://www.podiatryservicessanantonio.com/.

About the company:

For excellent foot and ankle care in San Antonio, seek podiatrist Dr. Kris A. Ford, DPM. Dr. Ford is a podiatric physician specializing in foot and ankle surgery in San Antonio. He treats a variety of foot and ankle problems, including ankle sprains, bunions, diabetic foot care, sports injuries and fractures. Foot pain should not be ignored. Foot and ankle health is important and requires proper foot treatment. Dr. Ford can always be counted on to provide his patients with the care and treatment that they not only need, but deserve. To learn more, give Dr. Ford a call at 210-923-9200.

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New York State Senate Legislative Resolution Honoring Richard Hannis

Binghamton, New York (PRWEB) June 24, 2014

A Legislative Resolution was recently issued honoring Richard Hannis for special recognition for his outstanding community service through SCORE and the Upstate NY Rural Initiative.

Richard was recognized for giving not only his time and energies but also his competence, intelligence and leadership. He received special recognition for his outstanding community service through SCORE and the Upstate NY Rural Initiative, his exceptional volunteer work throughout New York State through SCORE and the Upstate NY Rural Initiative Corporation promoting business entrepreneurship and small business development in rural communities.

Richard Hannis has been a volunteer mentor with SCORE since 1996 and has previously served as district director, leading all SCORE chapters in Upstate New York. His home chapter is the Greater Binghamton SCORE Serving Southern Tier NY and Northern Tier PA. He has offered his years of business experience and expertise to colleges and universities throughout New York State, aiding schools in the development of their business departments and connecting students to career and job opportunities and SCORE counseling and workshop services that would have otherwise remained unavailable to them.

Most recently Richard dedicated himself to promoting rural economic development through the creation of the Upstate NY Rural Initiative Corporation. These valuable programs provide counseling, consulting, and business education to rural small businesses and agribusinesses at all top ten Upstate SCORE chapters throughout the state. Under his vision and leadership, SCORE and the Upstate NY Rural Initiative Corporation are working with a network of Upstate universities, including Morrisville State College, SUNY Delhi, SUNY Cobleskill, Alfred State College, Cornell University, and Syracuse University to develop and provide valuable agribusiness seminars and workshops for receptive and eager audiences across the State.

Richard has been called upon to contribute his time and talents to countless civic and charitable endeavors and has always given of himself unselfishly and has been recognized throughout his career for his philanthropy and support of small businesses. In 1976, President Gerald Ford presented him with a special commendation for outstanding service at a White House ceremony for his work in several projects designed to support small business and the United States economy.

From 1981-1984, Richard Hannis served as CEO of the New York Private Industry Council and in 1993, he helped start a business college in Bolovich, Russia, to help the country transition to a private sector economy following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Resolution J2552-2011 – http://open.nysenate.gov/legislation/bill/J2552-2011

For more information, please contact James Julian, Certified SCORE Mentor and SCORE Chapter Vice Chair, at (607) 761-2140 or via email at jjulian4(at)stny(dot)rr.com.

Website: http://www.greaterbinghamtonscore.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/score217/

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Christmas Twist on a Summer Time Favourite

(PRWEB UK) 20 November 2013

Thats exactly what Mike Berry, Owner and founder of The English Hogroast Company, is telling us. Normally hogroasts are associated with the summer, but historically they were something used all year round. Especially in the middle ages, they were used as the centre piece to a celebration; why not do the same now?

We are getting more and more inquiries from people who want to throw a party but want to put on something really special. A hogroast ticks all the boxes.

The last couple of years we have sent the normally shortish window for hogroasts to get gradually extended as people see what a fantastic centre-piece they are. We are now getting more and more bookings for Xmas parties and new year parties.

I think they are growing in popularity again as people see them for what they are a centrepiece for any celebration and offer exceptionally good value when compared to other forms of catering.

People are usually shocked to find out how cost-effective they are. We have DIY options starting at only

Making the Most out of Your Cashback Cards

Now, a large tendency in credit cards is getting cashback or benefits on your buys. Many people depend on charge cards to make daily purchases, huge buys, as well as spend bills. Obtaining something back on your outlay makes a lot of perception, and is one reason why some people have charge cards at all.
Even though cashback credit cards can be a fantastic advantage, they aren’t always a great monetary choice. Annual costs, interest rates, and guidelines and stipulations may all make a cash-back card expense you more income in the end. Fortunately, if you follow some common rules, you can find a great cash back card that may raise your earnings rather than simply take them away. The guidelines under are listed by the team of our associate’s company website, comparecashbackcards.net.
First, when hunting for a cash back card, it is important to take a look at the yearly payment. Several cards cost a yearly payment just for being a member. This payment can range everywhere from to 5. Most people do not believe much of this charge because it is only once per year, and they’re more drawn in by the publicized benefits. Nevertheless, several credit cards simply provide 1-2% cash back on purchases, even though some may supply to 5%. Determined by how much you spend, you might simply get in a year, producing that dollar annual payment not worthwhile. On the other hand, if you’re a big spender and strategy on earning straight back a greater amount of cashback, the yearly charge might not matter too much to you.
Likewise, interest rates are another factor that you should consider closely. As a way to generate profits, credit cards include a specific interest price that is calculated in to your payment. The higher your balance, the more curiosity you spend each month. Those with the best credit scores often times receive the cheapest rates of interest. Many cash-back cards come with greater interest levels, in order to offset the cost of providing cash-back. If the card will run you more in interest than you will get in cash back, it’s not worth applying for. Simply like with yearly charges, there are low-interest cashback cards available if you are doing your study.
Finally, you’ll need to have a look at the rules and regulations that come together with the cash-back card. For instance, some cards might only provide cashback if you store at particular shops, or for specific things such as petrol. If you do not use these shops, or do not buy gasoline with a card, you will not make many rewards, and so a different card may be a much better option for you. Furthermore, some cards may have stipulations that restrict the quantity of cashback it is possible to get each year, or will simply let you draw your benefit after a certain sum. If your card just allows 0 in cash-back per yr, and you invest considerably more than that, your buys are being squandered. If your card will just let you withdraw once you reach , and you never get that high, or the benefits are reset each yr, you might lose out on what you have earned. Consistently read the fine-print before applying for a card.