Human embryos to have human rights from first heartbeat?

Human embryos to have human rights from first heartbeat?
The Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg has rejected the initiative from notorious deputy Vitaly Milonov, who offered to grant rights to human embryos from the moment of first heartbeat. The deputy put forward such a bizarre initiative in an effort …
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Tarleton-Frame: The hottest legislative race
She pledges to lead what she calls “a conversation about an income tax,” something a lot of legislators do not want to talk about. Tarleton has liberal credentials — she's board chair of the Northwest Progressive Institute, which battles Tim Eyman …
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Uncertainty clouds debate over marijuana legalization measure, Initiative 502
Initiative 1185 — The measure backed by anti-tax advocate Tim Eyman aims to reinforce existing state law requiring any tax increases imposed by the Legislature to receive approval from a two-thirds majority in each legislative chamber or approved by a …
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Coastal zone initiative got exactly what it deserved
Unfortunately, like so many special interest initiatives, the measure was written behind closed doors and aimed to sidestep the messiness of politics and the built-in safeguards of the legislative process. Without input from ordinary Alaskans or …
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